Cold Spring Technology Research

What We Do:

We develop custom formulated coatings for many diverse applications. Working closely with our customers and their specific applications allows CST to rapidly move from raw material selection to prototype development. Once prototype formulations are approved, CST works closely with our customers in partnership during scale up. Years of experience in scaling up products and in running manufacturing operations has allowed us to develop the understanding that the process and product can never be treated separately.

Product Formulation - Development - Processing

Our focus is the development of custom formulated coatings, materials and inks for many diverse applications. Our extensive experience in both R&D and roll to roll coating manufacturing allows us to develop new products with final processing considerations incorporated at the raw material selection stage of a project.

Materials Experience

CST has deep experience in a wide variety of polymer systems, pigmented coatings, UV and EB cured coatings, inorganic coatings and water based dispersions. This experience provides the ability to rapidly move from raw material selection to prototype development and scale up.

Major Technology Interests and Competencies

Polyurea & Polyurethane Formulation & Development

Nanoparticle Technology - conductives and inks

3D Printing & Filament Development

Medical Coatings & Product Development

Water Based Polyurethane Films

Protective, Conductive & Functional Coatings

High Temp Resistant Coatings Formulation & Processing

Web Coating Development - papers, films, web substrates

UV Cured Coatings                                   

Digital Imaging Product, Process and Application Development - Inkjet receptive coatings, Inkjet orienting on textiles

Reformulation of Environmentally Challenged Coatings - replacing solvent based coatings with water based formulations and/or 100% solids UV curable formulations


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